OV-GSO (Observatoire Virtuel du Grand Sud-Ouest)

Centre d'expertise régionale sur les données Astronomie/Astrophysique de l'INSU

The OVGSO (Observatoire Virtuel du Grand Sud-Ouest) is one of the six french Astrophysical Data Center recognised by INSU (Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers) since 2013.

It aims at providing a common environment for all the Astrophysical researches, based on observed/theoretical/modelled data access and tools interoperability.

The OVGSO gathers five different themes:

  • Sun-Earth (STORMS: Solar Terrestrial ObseRvations and Modeling Service, CLIMSO-DB: database of images from the CLIMSO coronagraphs at Pic du midi observatory in the Pyrénées)
  • Planetary plasmas (CDPP: French national data centre for natural plasmas of the Solar System)
  • Interstellar medium (CASSIS: free interactive spectrum analyser, CADE: Analysis Center for Extended Data, KIDA: database of kinetic data of interest for astro- chemical studies)
  • Stellar spectra (PolarBase: database of high resolution spectropolarimetric stellar observations, Pollux: stellar spectra database proposing access to theoretical data)
  • High energy astrophysics (XMM-SSC: XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre)

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Interop IVOA – 19 May – 24 May 2024

IVOA May 2024 Interoperability Meeting

Assemblée Générale OVGSO – le 10 Mars 2022

Assemblée Générale OVGSO 2022

Interop IVOA – Du 25 au 28 Mai 2021

IVOA May 2021 interoperability Meeting

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