The OV-GSO (GSO-Data Centre for Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers or OV-GSO-DC) was created by INSU in 2013. It depends on OMP (Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées) and gather all the astronomy and astrophysics « Services d’Observation” at IRAP, OASU (Bordeaux) and OREME (Montpellier): see the official database. Indeed, a CER (Centre d’Expertise Regional) can only be created with at least two « Services d’Observation”, hence KIDA and Pollux.
It is managed with with a technical resources leader (Jean-Michel Glorian) and a scientific leader (Charlotte Vastel). The operations of OV-GSO involve about 7 technical (IT) personnel, and about 18 scientists in the BordeauxToulouse-Montpellier area (cf. Organigram). The typical annual budget of the data center is about 30 kEuros. One of the major task of OV-GSO is to guarantee the continuity of all services, recruit the ITs, find the budget. We also regularly contribute to the various virtual observatories communities, both at the national and international levels (e.g., IVOA). This concerns our recurrent participation to the bi-yearly so-called Interop meetings of the IVOA, as well as propositions of tutorials (e.g., SpecFlow at scientific tutorials page, or Paletou & Zolotukhin (2014) ). Locally, we set-up regular seminar, oriented towards the use and implementation of Virtual Observatory standards and protocols.