The OV-GSO Data Centre was officially set-up in 2013 after approval by INSU of CNRS. Its role is to support more specific and so-called reference services which provide dedicated and community services in relation with relevant astrophysical data. It also promotes and encourages the deployment of Virtual Observatory (VO) techniques, at the regional level. The actual distribution of regional data centers at the national level can be seen here. OV-GSO covers all the open and « science ready » data, and VO-oriented activities of Bordeaux (LAB), Montpellier (LUPM) and Toulouse (IRAP) laboratories for astrophysics. The goal of the OV-GSO is to share common tools for different thematics in astrophysics for a better use of the astrophysical data. This need has revealed to be crucial with the wealth of high-spatial/spectral resolution spectra for the past 15 years with a new generation of ground/space-based observatory. Dealing with a large quantity of data leads to optimized tools and a better and common access
to the many databases.